Why Choose Us?

What makes us different from other Financial Advisers?

Every firm says they are different don’t they? Most say their customer service sets them apart from the rest. We wouldn't want to insult your intelligence by making these same old statements, but would rather demonstrate our individuality with visible examples in the way we practice day to day. We pride ourselves on being very accessible. We don’t insist that you come to see us at our offices, although our meeting room is well set up for visual presentations. We appreciate how busy you are so we’re happy to visit your work or home, make best use of the telephone and email to stay in touch throughout the year, and you'll have access to the advice staff's mobile numbers so that you can call them after your working day has finished.

Having researched the market thoroughly over the years, we feel that the following are examples of how we go above and beyond the majority of financial advisory firms out there;

Financial sense check

Do you ever go into a financial transaction, or ask yourself a year after doing so, if you've done the right thing? We aim to give you an overview of the potential pitfalls as well as the advantages of taking certain decisions, using our 20 years of experience. An example could be committing to buying an investment property simply because prices are flying upwards (and not considering tax erosion on your profits or medium term property 'bubble' risks). We always ask the question of exactly what you want to achieve financially, the results of which can quite often shape our advice in a completely different direction than the client was originally headed for! 

Transparant charging

All too often when browsing other adviser websites, we notice that there is rarely a clear and comprehensible guide to how much firms charges are, and exactly what work is carried out for these fees. They quite often state a substantial hourly fee for the services of the adviser and adminstration staff, without the clarity on what will be done to benefit you. We pride ourselves on our transparent menu of services and cost guidelines as you will see from the 'Our Services and how much we charge' link on our homepage. This also gives real life case examples to bring the analysis to life and demonstrate the added value we being to the table.

Service with a smile

Providing you are serious about your money and are prepared to take out the adequate amount of time for your financial planning, we want our meetings and conversations to be fun, because if they are, we usually find that our clients are relaxed and get the most from our service as a consequence, and understand exactly what our advice means to them personally.

Pound cost averaging strategies

You may not have heard of this term before, but quite simply it is a way of going that extra mile in managing risk to your well earned money. It starts with the premise that says that if you invest a lump sum all at once just before the markets crash unexpectedly, you are sitting on an immediate paper loss (albeit this could recover in subsequent months and years). However, with the alternative act of pound cost averaging in periods of uncertainty, many of our advice strategies involve phasing your money into the assets such as share funds over a period of time so that only a portion of your capital is invested away from cash from day 1, and gives you a smoother ride overall. This allows us to stagger your money into the market gradually, with some of it being invested when unit prices have fallen so that you can take advantage of subsequent rises.  This applies to regular monthly savings as much as it does to lump sums, and partly aims to avoid disadvantagous seasonal periods throughout the year when commencing an investment programme.

Outside the box investing

Very often a small portion of our client base ask us if there are any other ways of investing their money, that breaks away from conventional methods such as the stock market and property to give two classic examples.  They seek to explore ways that their money can still grow in periods where these traditional types have down years. As a consequence, we have initiated a service effective 2013 which looks to diversify into introductions to fine wine investments, with other alternative investment services planned for the future.

Regular reviews as and when we promise

I feel the industry has let the general public down over the last couple of decades on this issue. Many firms will have promised regular reviews historically, but not backed up this promise. On investment and pension related business this can be a costly issue over the long term, and advisers have received ‘trail commission’ without carrying out these reviews  Once we agree an ongoing service package, dates are put in the diary for the subsequent review meetings (even if well ahead of time) as well as portfolio reviews and reporting. If people don't want meetings as they require a more passive approach, we are happy to operate a telephone and email advisory service instead.

Going that extra mile

We provide a one stop chasing and processing service for all of the areas we advise on. This is particularly relevant for mortgage buisness relating to re-mortgages and property purchases, saving you the hassle of having to chase surveyors, solicitors and estate agents along the way, leading to speedy completions. This will also entail chasing agents up and down the property ‘chain’.

Talk to our existing clients before you instruct us

We always offer testimonials so that you can ask our existing clients what they made of our service, both initially and later on throughout the crucial ongoing advice phases. We pride ourselves on our post advice service. Feel free to ask us and we'll put you in touch with a couple of clients.

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