Which service review package is right for YOU

Around this website you will see reference to our ongoing service packages Gold, silver and bronze. Our link Our services expands on which each of these will do for you, but in essence the idea is that we manage your financial arrangements on an ongoing basis, to ensure all those best laid plans come to fruition, at an affordable cost to you. Every year I meet at least a dozen people who have started up an ISA, investment or pension plan in years gone by, but have not received the follow up service required to make sure those initial plans are nurtured regularly, which has ultimately lead to disappointment in their eyes.  Would you buy a car and not bother to get it serviced regularly, and what would happen if it never got serviced?

With our ongoing reviews, we give you the opportunity to discuss what level of service you require, a service which could easily last 20+ years! Some of our existing client relationships go back 20 years so far! Whether you want a couple of face to face meetings every year, or a once a year email report and telephone conversation, the idea is for us to provide ongoing advice on all matters relating to your financial affairs.

Some people want us to provide retirement income progression reports every year, to monitor contribution levels and fund performance to ensure both are maximised within affordable budget and risk tolerances, ultimately targeting a preset level of income at their chosen retirement date. Others want to ensure other targets are maintained, such as a university funding or property purchase deposit for children. Some of our older clients ask us to monitor the level of inheritance tax that may be payable by their children when they pass away, and to take action to ensure this tax liability is eliminated.

One of the major reasons for reviewing your portfolios regularly, is to keep monitor on what the underlying funds are doing for you. Of course a fund may shoot the lights out one year, but underperform the next. That is where our ongoing review service comes into its own, to weed out funds we expect to have taken a turn for the worse (ie the manager leaves without an adequate replacement being lined up), or whether they should be persisted with for specific reasons. If we feel that your money could be better protected or achieve higher growth as a result of switching funds, that is exactly what we will recommend, along with the reasons why. This usually gives us a greater chance of the portfolio making acceptable average annual growth rates for our clients in the long term, rather than risks to the portfolio stagnating over a number of years.

Whilst mentioning the fund switching facility we provide, it is important that you realise that investing is a long term game, and certain funds may be left in your portfolio for 5-10 years or longer. However, we feel that there are also shorter term opportunities to take advantage of with small allocations of your money, which for the right type of client, allows us to advise on this strategy to boost the performance of your portfolio as a whole. An example of this maybe where a fund with a long term track record over 10 years has temporarily fallen from grace and its price decreased without full justification. In these circumstances we’ll look to exploit the purchase of such funds, aiming for a re-rating of the fund and subsequent price lift to boost your returns over time. 



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