The beginning of the process

The first part of the process is a no obligation meeting, paid for by us, enabling us to get to know your personal/ financial circumstances and which areas of your finances you require advice on, give you concern or require attention. This will also give us a chance to let you know a little about what we do, and how our services can benefit you in a variety of ways. We sometimes find that this opens up conversations in need areas that you may not have considered or thought about previously. Whether you want to expand into these other areas, or merely concentrate on the area you came in to talk about, this choice will be entirely yours. We encourage meetings at our offices in Bovingdon, Hertfordshire as we have a dedicated client meeting room with a screen set up for presentations on various subjects, enabling you to get more of a feel for how we work. Alternatively, if you find it difficult reaching our office, we are happy to visit you at your home or place of work.

Following this meeting we will email or post you what we call a proposal report, which over 2 brief pages gives an overview of how we can assist you specifically, and how you might benefit from our services in pounds and pence examples. Again we will pay for the cost of this report.



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Our location and registered address is 1a High Street, Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, HP3 0HG