Carolyn Whycer has recommended our work as Financial Planning Consultants;

"Kevin is a clear and structured thinker, with a warm personality and a sense of humour - a combination which allows him to provide a friendly and people-oriented service to his clients, When working with him for mutual clients, I have always been impressed with his ability to hone in on what is the most important matter, and then provide the right solution."

Ian Piddock recommended our work as Financial Planning Consultants

"I would recommend Kevin to anyone. His work on sorting out my pension and other financial advice has been invaluable especially when you consider the financial environment we are now working in with all the problems in the Eurozone." 
Year first hired: 2000
Top Qualities identified: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Katie Watson has recommended our work; 

"Kevin has been our family financial advisor for over three years, he is always very professional and easy to talk to. I absolutely recommend Kevin’s expertise, the realistic and practical advice he has offered us has been indispensable."
Year first hired: 2009
Top Qualities identified: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

James Culnane has recommended our work;

"Kevin has been my financial advisor since 2006. I have always found him to be very helpful and reliable."
Year first hired: 2006 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities identified: Personable, Expert, On Time

Grant Smith has recommended our work; 

"Kevin is one of those people that exudes professionalism. He is personable, reactive and most of all in his profession, extremely successful at what he does - hence making his clients very happy. The knowledge he passes to his customers is delivered in a manner that is accurate, succinct and comprehensible. His monthly bulletins are always worthy of note and give really good sound advise just when it’s needed especially in this rapidly changing financial world at present. Kevin is happy to advise on anything from a simple ISA right through to the most complicated of Mortgages. He invests in his people and delivers when he says he will. Kevin is one of the best in his industry and I have always been happy to recommend Kevin to all our staff, friends and family alike."
Year first hired: 2006 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities identified: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Martin Gilsenan, Sales Director, Omni Capital (business partner)

“Kevin is a hugely experienced and ethical business professional and someone I have had the pleasure of knowing for many years. He has a meticulous approach to problem solving and a passion and drive that not only establishes new relationships, it also maintains and develops existing ones. A colleague and a friend.” 

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