Outside the box investing

I occasionally meet individuals that seek alternative ways of investing their money, perhaps steering a small portion of their cash away from the traditional types such as stocks and shares, bonds etc – this often diversifies their overall investments so that if the traditional asset types fall in value periodically, there is a way alternative assets can rise in value in similar periods. It also brings peoples interest in their money to life, often some of the investments themselves have sentimental and personal interest akin to hobbies, social habits etc. Remember not to confuse sentimentality with a perception of guaranteed returns, there is no such thing! These alternatives also have other risks associated to them which I will explain within the links shown below. If these areas interest you, we can discuss them further to determine whether these ways of putting your money to work suits your personal risk profile. Also bear in mind that these are non regulated activities as far as our involvement is concerned, so we do not provide ADVICE on them, and act as an agent in introducing clients to various Companies dealing in the areas below. Having said that, I have spent a considerable amount of time carrying out due diligence on these firms, and will share my research with you if we explore these options further;

  • Investing in Films
  • Investing in Fine Wine





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