Interaction of Adviser and policy charges / cost v benefit analysis

The advent of RDR has meant that all advice and product charges must be shown and quantified separately. We appreciate that for you to part with your hard earned money, you need to be confident that you will receive benefits by way of hard pounds and pence transparency, as well as the piece of mind that your finances are running efficiently with achievable targets on course for success.

It will be important for you to weigh up ALL the charges so that you can assess the impact of these on your investment or/and pension funds. You will see our charging tables in 'Our services and how we charge' from our homepage, but the following example will give you a clear idea of how the post RDR total charging landscape will look. Based on a typical ‘silver service’ review package, with £100,001 invested, this explains the likely ongoing charges once initial investment has been made. All are expressed in percentages of amount of investments under management

Typical product provider ‘platform’ charge     0.40% p/a
Actively managed fund charges (averaged across a sample of funds from all asset classes)        0.75% p/a
Adviser charge     0.60% p/a
Total*      1.75% p/a*

*this total will vary according to the risk profile/fund portfolio of the individual client, platform provider and level of service required of us.

Of course you will want to gauge what your returns may be for accepting these annual charges to your money. Our comprehensive fact find will identify your risk tolerance and capacity for loss when investing money, but these charges are a necessary evil in order to give you a greater chance of higher net growth on your funds, over a sustained period of time, not to mention being the catalyst to achieve your financial goals and targets. What’s the alternative? Simply not paying these charges and leaving your cash on bank deposit/savings accounts earning very little, in most cases not even keeping pace with inflation, let alone growing your capital sufficiently to achieve any goals you may have later in life.  



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