Full advice Initial work

The table below shows the typical work we undertake for our clients in order to carry out a full and comprehensive advice process on all financial areas, and follows a methodical and in depth process. The initial meeting and proposal report are paid for by us, as we feel this will arm you with a considerable amount of information about what we can do for you specifically, before you part with your hard earned money! Why don’t you also visit some of the middle page areas from our home page which will outline what some of our other clients have made of the service, as well as the physical and monetary benefits we have brought to some of these clients.

Fees can be paid directly from your own savings or resources for any type of advice we give. Alternatively, in the case of investments or pensions, our charges can be facilitated by the product provider, deducted from the investment as it’s made.

Where investment and pension work has costs expressed as variable percentages of funds invested with us, this variance will allow for complexity and volume of work involved for each client. For example, one client may accept our advice for a personal pension plan transfer from one existing policy only – this advice may cost the minimum of £1,500 as shown in the table below. However, where the client accepts our advice for the pension transfer from 3 existing pension plans, a considerable amount of extra work will be required which will prompt a fee of between 1% and 5% of the amounts transferred.

Once we have carried out an initial assessment of your circumstances and needs, we will email or write to you with a services and payment agreement outlining the exact costs applicable in order to undertake the work you require of us – this will include a schedule of works and services.





30 minute consultation face to face meeting

Paid by us

Discusses your needs or that of your Company, requirements and risk tolerances


Chance to discuss existing finances and any concerns/queries


Second opinion opportunity if you have an existing adviser or are shopping around


Introduction to our Company’s services


Proposal Report to follow

Paid by us

Email/postal report sent to you to outline how we can assist you (specific to your circumstances)


Includes individual quotation for our charges and likely piece of mind/monetary benefits brought to you


Analysis and recommendations report (including further meeting)


Completion of a comprehensive fact find


Debt analysis (mortgage or/and unsecured debts)


Writing to existing policy providers for information


Reconciliation of policy information and analysis for future suitability


Analysis of tax position and tax advantageous changes proposed


Full analysis of mortgage/family or business insurance needs


Full analysis of savings, investment and inheritance tax planning needs


Report sent or emailed to you to outline all recommendations from above financial areas


SPECIFIC costs of our further services given to progress recommendations


(see indicative costs below for follow on work in various areas)


Advice & arrangement of new or top up Investment and pension contracts (including final suitability report)


One stand alone Investment/pension contract

1-5% of investment
(min £1500)

Multiple investment/pension contracts as suitable as best advice

1-5% of investment
(min £2000)

Working with external outsource specialists who assess and advise on a transfer from an occupational pension scheme. (We do not give direct advice on occupational pension schemes)

1-3% of investment
(min £1000)

Advice for Mortgage, Insurance and Inheritance tax mitigation work


Click the link transactional initial advice costs for further details

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