Benefits of using our mortgage advice service

From having access to the whole mortgage market, we have obtained better deals for our clients, than they were able to achieve from their own searches on the High Street. Many clients have experienced High St lenders trying to shoehorn them down only one or two product routes, because this is the directive from the banks management, or because they have limited other product options available on their range.  We will advise across the wide choice of lenders and schemes, from fixed, capped, variable and tracker options, and across a variety of 1-10 year initial incentive periods.  Quite often we advise on 5 year fixes, which although will generally have a higher interest rate than 2 or 3 year versions, means clients not having to revisit the mortgage after shorter periods, avoiding paying thousands of pounds in further re-mortgage fees. This saving usually outweighs the additional monthly cost in the early part of the mortgage, and gives longer term security of interest rate in these uncertain economic times. We have advised people thinking of starting out a business to consider taking longer term fixed deals, as accepting a short term year deal could prove problematic attempting to re-mortgage later if applying as self-employed with little proof of income in the early stages of their new business.  Of course, shorter term deals may be advisable for specific clients depending on their circumstances.

We can provide a one stop shop for chasing and processing re-mortgages and property purchases, saving you the hassle of having to chase surveyors, solicitors and estate agents along the way, leading to speedy completions. This will also entail chasing agents up and down the property ‘chain’, quite often doing the estate agents work for them!

With an in depth knowledge of the lending criteria across the marketplace (which has changed almost beyond recognition in the past 5 years) we have recently placed mortgages for various clients with un-favourable circumstances such as;

  • Newly self employed/Limited Company director with only one year’s accounts proof
  • Only 5-10% deposit available
  • Adverse credit histories (i.e. county court judgements /defaults, or mortgage or loan arrears)
  • Interest only mortgage requirements – very few of these types are accepted by lenders now

Even if we can’t place a mortgage for someone, we will advise on the appropriate action they need to take to put themselves in a position to borrow at a specific point in the future.




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