Are you an Accountant, solicitor or estate agent?

Whether you're an Accountant, Solicitor or estate agent, we feel we can assist you in providing quality financial advice and service to you and your clients. Therefore, why not consider joining forces with us by introducing clients to us for advice in areas beyond your usual remit. Where allowable by each professional trade body, we're happy to pay introductory fees for successful referrals or recipricate with introductions of our clients to you where possible.

Many professionals we deal with and talk to regularly, have one primary aim in mind when referring to us, and that is their client getting the best possible service and advice. This ultimately shows you in a good light for introducing them to quality advice in the areas we deal in, demonstrating an extension of their own services to go that extra mile for their client.

For years now we have had relationships with 3 broad categories of professional introducer, and the following will show you the benefits we can bring to the table for your clients, which sometimes cross reference across different industries;

ALL categories of professional;

 - A one stop shop for all your clients financial needs

 - Option for us to advise on just one financial area or give an overview of all of an individual or Companies needs. 

 - Option for your clients to receive Independent advice or from within the new 'restricted' advice category

 - Initial consultancy meeting and proposal report for your clients, paid for by us.


  - Planning to eliminate lost tax free allowances for large earners, as well as child benefit retention strategies

  - Inheritance tax strategies (IHT) - including using small gift exemptions, life insurance and IHT friendly investments as solutions.  

  - Helping corporate clients to comply with the new Auto enrolment Company pension legislation - we provide consultancy services on assessing the workforce and regulatory reporting, as well advice on the most suitable pension scheme for their staff. 

 -  Corporate Shareholder and keyman protection insurance - to ensure all bases are covered should a main player in the business pass away prematurely or suffer a long term illness

 - Exit planning for directors, sole traders and partners - this will take on board early retirement and pension planning well in advance of planned exit dates, as well as taxation and re-investment issues when selling a business


 - Finances on divorce - we advise on the finances behind seperation or divorce agreements which which can spread out into many areas such as pension fund splitting, splitting of investment assets, re-writing protection and insurance arrangements as well as new mortgage arrangements

 - We can assist conveyancing solicitors clients with a mortgage and insurance protection advice service relating to a property purchase, sale or re-mortgage.

 - For clients buying a business, we can assist them in providing the finance for that purchase from a number of different sources.    

Estate Agents

 - We can assist your potential vendors making a decision on selling their property, by supplying them with full costs of moving as well as subsequent purchase price limits and maximum monthly affordability checks.

 - We can pacify your vendors when offers are made on their property, by 'vetting' the potential buyer on their ability to finance the purchase and reporting back to them or to you in the first instance.

- We can advise on and arrange mortgage and conveyancing transactions for vendors and purchasers and provide you with regular updates on how each transaction is progressing, often putting us in control of the finances surrounding property chains to assist you.

 - We can supply you with referral training and mortgage 'best buy' tables to be able to supply basic information to all parties including applicants, viewers and vendors, prior to idividual advice being given by us.

If you are a professional working in one of these industries, consider the ways we might be able to assist you and your clients in a multitude of ways as listed above. Following this, should you wish to consider entering a prefessional connection with us, get in contact and we'll arrange a free, no obligation meeting to discuss further.


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